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For Advanced Concentrated Flight Training

Personalized Instruction In Your Aircraft At Your Location Or Come Train In Stuart, FL

Stuart Florida has one of the best annual air shows in the country.

My services include upgrade training, flight review certification, instrument proficiency check rides and GPS personal training.


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You need an experienced and fully
trained instructor, especially if you are flying the latest aircraft equipped with state of the art avionics.

   If you are having trouble finding an instructor qualified in your new Cirrus or other complex aircraft, look no further. My qualifications include a factory checkout in Duluth on the new Cirrus SR-22. I am totally setup to provide full PFD and MFD instruction. I carry my own non owned CFI insurance policy and can be added to your personal aircraft policy as a named insured based on my hours in your aircraft.
   My experience in many complex aircraft from most model Beechcraft, Piper, Cessna and Mooney single and multiengine aircraft allow me to provide qualify instruction. My clients needs are met with attention to detail and safety.

   Most insurance companies now demand qualified instructors to teach in these aircraft. The instructors that they demand are full time devoted professionals that have demonstrated accident free records and can be available in short notice. I use a proven syllabus and can come to your location.
   If you are an aircraft insurance agent that needs to find a qualified professional instructor to checkout one of your clients, contact me for details.


Carl Ferland is a recent graduate of my instrument pilot accelerated program. He had a busy schedule with his business commitments and wanted to complete the requirements for his instrument certificate in a expeditious manner. He needed the coveted instrument rating so he could not only place his order for a new Centennial SR-22, but to get insurance for his new aircraft.
   The cost of his training was easily paid for with the reduction in his insurance rates. In fact the safety and convenience of now being instrument rated allowed Carl to fly to his many business locations throughout the country and not have to hire a instrument pilot to accompany him.