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First experience is a profoundly important experience. There is always a factor of anxiety how so ever person may be enlightened. Each person has an ego involvement. No body is sure of outcome and element of uncertainity prevails.

What is the effect of first love making?

First experience can be crucial and can determine future sexual attitudes which may be positive or negative. When the first sexual experience is between a boy and a girl who have feelings of mutual trust, affection, and concern for each other it can be reassuring and satisfying. For the most sensitive person failure or unpleasantness, can leave deep scars that may take time to heal.

Is the first act actually painful for women?

Not necessarily. If hymen is already ruptured and girl has experienced masturbation there will not be any pain. Any pain felt is due to the actual streching or breaking of hymen. If it is thin and elastic it will dilate or give way with little discomfort. Pain may be felt when vagina is absolutely dry.

Is bleeding necessary during rupture of hymen?

Bleeding is slight and does not require any treatment. Previously bleeding on first night was taken as an evidence of virginity. Bleeding stops during a short time, and may in some cases be negligible.

Why certain women dont permit sex for few days after marriage?

It may either be due to their modesty/or their early training and upbringing or due to an exaggerated fear of sexual discomforts. If husband is intelligent and show trust and confidence in her it may lessen her resistance in no time. Sometimes it may take a long time even for the wife's affection for her husband or her interest to respond.

Does woman enjoy sex on the first night?

Lady who is aware of sex, may derive the usual type of satisfaction from the first day itself but many of them don't react fully to the sexual embrace until some time.

If woman or man had premarital intercourse, will it give him success on the first night?

If premarital experience is with prostitute it may not provide him a suitable preparation for the association with wife. A casual sex relation with young girl too does not give sufficient experience of sexual feelings or responses. He does it to obtain relief for himself and does not bother to arouse or gratify the woman. So such contacts do not give him understanding of sexual needs of woman and its emotional and aesthetic implications.

Does girl gets orgasm during first sexual act?

For the girl idea of losing virginity may be associated with many kind of fears. She may be worried of her performance to satisfy the boy. With the combination of her and his anxieties she is not likely to achieve the orgasm on first occasion.

What will be the reaction of first night of elderly people?

Older man may not feel shy about sexuality but they would have inhibited their impulses so strongly that they may bring considerable tension and anxiety to their first experience. For the woman this can express such a tension that even penetration may not be successful. If she was masturbating then she may find that actual intercourse is initially unsatisfying. Preconception involving very high or low expectations will influence the performance.

Are pornographic books helpful to develop healthy sex?

There are moral and legal sanctions against pornography and its negative effect on sex behaviour is well known. Such unauthentic literature has created more of confusion, sex crimes and delinquency. Both sexes respond to pornographic literature equally. Opinion poll show that parents don't wish their children exposed to erotic material.


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