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A young couple in their early thirties came to visit me. The woman had been trying to fall pregnant for two years to no avail. Her reproductive system had been checked and had been given the all clear by the doctors. The man had had his sperm count checked, and while it was quite low, the doctors said it was not too serious.

I found out he worked out at the gym daily. His eating habits were erratic and his protein intake was very deficient. He also said his libido was down. Both he and his wife thought this was normal with busy lifestyles.

He said he was willing to try taking anything to assist his sperm count and libido.

I asked him to take a protein supplement in powder form in a milk shake or water an hour before or after a workout to sustain his energy. Protein intake is an important part of making good quality sperm. I asked him to eat a handful of pumpkin seeds daily for the zinc levels to assist the prostate and his sexual health in general and also to limit beer to every second day. I prescribed tribulus and Siberian ginseng two tablets twice a day for six weeks. I also prescribed an anti-oxidant tablet for free radical damage after exercise: one tablet three times a day. This tablet contained vitamin A, C and E and other herbs with anti-oxidant properties (rosemary, turmeric, St Mary's thistle and ginkgo).

I also asked him to take two of his wife's folate tablets for healthier sperm even though the findings of folate have not been confirmed for sperm count as yet. I believe that this is an essential vitamin not only for women but also for men due to the decreasing rate of meat consumption in our diets. I made sure they were both having a variety of fresh fish, chicken, and legumes regularly with lots of vegetables and fruits. I also included unprocessed grains such as brown rice, couscous, wholemeal grainy breads and a fresh carrot juice daily for its anti-oxidant effects on the liver.

Within three weeks he returned to get more vitamins and herbs. He was ecstatic. He felt his libido had come back and his energy was better than ever before. He had lost some excess flab around the waist and was looking forward to staying on the supplements until his wife fell

pregnant. He has been taking the medicines now for six months and his sperm count has increased well into the range of normal.

(Many clients who are on the IVF program come to see me. Herbs and vitamins with a very healthy diet can be of great assistance, but you should always check with your IVF doctor on your intake of natural medication. Most of my clients come to see me before a program or during a break from the program. This is the ideal time to get both parties healthy and to give the appropriate supplements. I have seen amazing results with this approach.)


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