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The stages in the sex response of the female correspond to these, and, in fact, there is much more similarity in the responses of the two sexes than is commonly believed. There are certain important differences, however. For instance, while the sex response of woman includes some visual exploration and the tendency to draw near and embrace an attractive person, yet this is not such an active or specific process as in man. A woman frequently cannot appreciate the force of the impulse which underlies man's interest in the details of the bodily form, nor the keen desire he has to explore this form with eye and hand. The feminine impulse is active only to the extent that it is necessary to attract attention and obtain the embrace of another person. She has little interest in the details of the human body. Her sexual interest is more diffused, except, of course, in the latter stages of the sexual reaction in which she actively participates in obtaining specific sensations in the genital organs.


Men's Health-Erectile Dysfunction