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Ignorance and misinformation about sexual activity does more harm than any good. One of the greatest harm done is by slogan that sex is sinful or dirty and to be indulged in only for the purpose of procreation. Sex is not for satisfaction but to reproduce only gives a decreased responsiveness.

Is setting of mood required before having successful sex?

How one sets the mood or the emotional environment for sexual activity varies from individual to individual. Dimness or darkness may be preferred by some, full illumination by others. Some may use perfumes. Mutual touch, kiss and undressing can be exciting and gratifying to each other.

What are the attitudes and behaviour that inhibit sexual arousal?

Negative feelings can inhibit sexual arousal. Fear, shame, disgust, or depression may inhibit sex drive. If one partner is not inclined to have sex the other cannot arouse successfully.

Do body changes make any effect on sex life during pregnancy?

Body changes affect her attitude towards pregnancy and her sexuality. Female is under distress due to idea of loss of beauty and growth. Pigmentary changes in skin specially over cheeks, enlargement of breasts and expanding waist line also become a source of worry to a female.

Shift from girl to a woman makes her worried and she is not sure that even after delivery she will regain the slim figure. Psychological maladjustment results in disturbed sexuality.


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