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I specialize in an accelerated instrument program to help you obtain an instrument rating in a minimum amount of time. This program is structured to provide eight hours of training per day to take you from your basic private pilot rating to the instrument rating in approximately ten days.

   Mike came all the way from Germany to train for his instrument rating. He knew the value of being instrument rated for both safety and to make him a better pilot. Mike wrote a diary of his training experience with me and posted it on the web. I was working as a contract instructor for Professional Instrument Courses at the time of Mike's training.
   Mike has since gone on to become an excellent professional Master CFI. He continues to show his dedication to flying and helping his students develop into safe and proficient pilots.
   Bill Greenberg knew he needed the instrument rating to fly safely in the New England area with his Cessna Skyhawk. The busy Class B airspace of Boston's Logan Airport was always just a stones throw away when he wanted to go flying. The weather in Massachusetts is usually unpredictable, especially in the winter months. The training he received gave him the confidence to get the instrument ticket and not be intimidated in either the busy airspace or un forecasted weather.
   Bill uses his Skyhawk to provide rides for the Young Eagles. Bill's real expertise is in the high tech field solving computer problems for his clients.